• Burrageara

    Did you know… Burragearas have the most wonderful scent! Burragearas are frequently seen for sale in the high street especially the cultivar “Nelly Isler”. They […]

  • Brassia

    Did you know… The Brassias are pollinated by spider-hunter wasps, who attack the flowers thinking they are spiders, thereby pollinating the plant. Brassias (pronounced BRASS-ee-ah) are aptly […]

  • Bletilla

    Bletilla (pronounced ble-TILL-a) orchids are amongst the easiest of all orchids to grow and were one of the earliest exotic orchids imported into Europe. Bletillas are […]

  • Epidendrum

    (pronounced eh-pi-DEN-drum ) A wonderfully diverse genus comprising over 1,100 species. They are mostly epiphytes from the Central and South America and the Caribbean. Anyone […]

  • Dendrobium

    Dendrobiums are usually recognised because of their long cane-like pseudobulbs. Some are deciduous resembling dead twigs when dormant but from which miraculously are produced the […]

  • Cymbidium

    Did you know… There is a Japanese myth which tells of an emperor’s wife who was heartbroken after remaining barren after many years of marriage. […]

  • Cattleya

    Did you know… Cattleya (pronounced KAT-lee-a ) was the orchid genus that triggered “Orchidmania” in Victorian England. There are now countless thousands of hybrids available but […]

  • Coelogyne

    Coelogynes (pronounced see-LOJ-in-ee ) are essentially divided into cool growers from northern India and Nepal and warm growers form the low lying rainforests of Indonesia and […]

  • Zygopetalum Hybrid


    (pronounced zygo-PET-a-lum) These are from the mountainous regions of Brazil and produce very distinctive flowers having blue-purple or burgundy labellums and often striped sepals. They […]

  • Vanda

    The fashionable species Vanda coerulea is from Nepal and northern Thailand despite its impressive tropical appearance can tolerate cool growing conditions. The chief attraction of […]

  • Vuystekeara

    (pronounced vool-steek-ee-AH-ra) Like the Burragearas mentioned earlier, these are inter-generic hybrid epiphytesA plant which grows perched upon another plant but does not derive its nourishment […]