• Pleione

    Pleione (pronounced plye-OH-nee) is a genus endemic to the foothills of the Himalayas spreading eastwards across China to Taiwan. They are deciduous perennials which are usually […]

  • Phalaenopsis

    (pronounced fal-en-OP-sis) These “moth orchids” require no introduction. Once the preserve of experienced orchid growers who cultivated them in environmentally controlled growing cases they have […]

  • Paphiopedilum

    (pronounced paff-ee-oh-PEE-di-lum) These are the “Slipper” orchids from South-East Asia and the Pacific islands and are so called because they have unusual pouch-shaped labellums like […]

  • Orchids

    Why do we grow Orchids? Orchids are the largest and most diverse family of plants on earth comprising at least  35,000 species of which Ireland […]

  • Oncidium

    Another genera often seen in shops are the Oncidium hybrids (pronounced on-SID-ee-um). Known as ”dancing doll” orchids they typically produce a multitude of bright yellow and […]

  • Miltonia

    Miltonia (pronounced mil-TOH-nee-a) species are epiphytes A plant which grows perched upon another plant but does not derive its nourishment from it. from South America and […]

  • Masdevallia

    (pronounced mas-de-VAL-lee-a) This genus is chiefly endemic to the cool misty Andes mountains of South America and grow as epiphytes and as terrestrials. They were […]

  • Laelia

    (pronounced LAY-lee-ah ) This is deservedly one of the most popular orchid genera. Most are epiphytes from temperate Central America especially Mexico and so are […]