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David Morse

Hi All, an up date on this. As Eszter said Urban Plant Life on Cork Street Dublin 8 has some alternative orchids from time to time. Mostly Phalaenopsis, but also Miltonias and other orchids mostly hybrids that come from Inca Orchids (see the range here: http://www.inca-orchids.nl/EN/).

However, these are a few other places in town that you’ll see orchids from time to time including hybrids like Colmanaras

Diarmuid Gavin’s The Plant Shop on South Great Georges Street, I’ve seen Cymbidiums there and I bought 4 vandas there.

The Garden Shop in the Powerscourt Town House steps. Colmanara type orchids and others.

If I find any others I’ll report back.

But as I’m really interested in Cattleyas I’ll be doing most of my buying online.