Welcome to the Irish Orchid Society

David Morse

Hi Anthony,
Firstly, good for you for not resorting to stealing plants from the wild!(in any case it is very likely they would die after transplantation). Unfortunately to my knowledge there are no nurseries in Ireland that offer native orchids for sale not least because they are challenging to grow without careful attention to their cultivation needs. However several Irish Orchid Society members do grow hardy orchids including easier native genera especially Dactylorhiza and who may be able to provide splits. Anyhow Anthony do attend a future society meeting and enquire. Incidentally be aware that it is now very difficult to obtain any type of orchid from the UK as CITES regulations apply post-Brexit. You could however try the Belgian nursery http://www.phytesia-orchids.com for hardy orchid species. I would strongly advise not to purchase a lot of expensive plants until you gain experience.