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The Irish Orchid Society is for all people interested in growing and expanding their knowledge of orchids, from near and far.

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    • Monday March 6th 2023 7.30pm National Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre Please bring along any orchid you might like to discuss or get some advise

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    • New members are always welcome to our society We have a whats app group and an email list. Please contact the society directly info@irishorchidsociety.org to […]

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    • Many thanks to all who turned up for tea and some repotting on the 6th All the questions, answers and debates were welcomed re potting, […]

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Wild Orchids in Ireland

Wondering what orchid is featured in the background?

This is a Hammarbya paludosa, commonly known as a bog orchid. It can be found in boglands near slow running streams. A small, inconspicuous orchid which can reach 15 cm in height but usually grows to between 4 and 8 cm. The flowers have a sweet, cucumber-like scent.

Orchid Resources

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