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Calendar of Events

All talks are held in the Visitors Centre of the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, unless otherwise stated.

October 7, 7.30pm

"Things that come to mind, pertinent thoughts from the Orchid World"

Talk by Brendan Sayers.

November 4th 7.30pm

Orchid trade – an overview of the legal complexities and a guide on how to be a responsible consumer

Dr. Noeleen Smyth holds an Honours Degree in Botany and a Diploma in Statistics from Trinity College Dublin. She completed a PhD at Trinity College Dublin on invasive species control and restoration of the threatened native flora of Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific.

Noeleen has worked for National Parks and Wildlife Service, BEC Consultants, and Natura Environmental Consultants, and as a horticulturalist both at the National Botanic Gardens and Talbot Botanic Garden, Malahide Castle.

She has also carried out botanical research in Uganda, Guyana, and Pitcairn Island and participated on plant expeditions to Belize, Bhutan, China, and Jordan.