Benefits of Membership

Membership Benefits


  • The society meets in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin on the first Monday of every month except January and August. Meetings start at 7.30pm (Just come through the main gate and ask for directions at the security office). When the first Monday is on a Bank Holiday we meet on the second Monday.
  • There is no substitute to seeing orchids “in the flesh” and hearing advice directly from experienced growers. The format of meetings varies. There are informal member’s nights, whereupon individuals bring along their specimens to show and offer tips on their success.
  • We have workshops on specialised aspects of the hobby.
  • Other meeting events feature illustrated presentations often from internationally renowned growers who speak on their chosen themes. These are usually entertaining as well as educational and always a feast for the eyes.
  • At each orchid society event there are fund-raising raffles for interesting prizes including plants.
  • The IOS sometimes produces its own calendar using member’s photos.
  • Our members have travelled all over the world visiting orchid congresses, nurseries, research and conservation centres or just seeing for themselves the plants in their native habitats. On their return our explorers frequently present talks sharing their stories and pictures with an envious audience.
  • Usually taking place in April we are a key participant in the Irish Orchid Fair which is run by the Botanical Gardens to which we obviously have strong links.
  • In June the AGM is held where members have their chance to give feedback on how they feel the society is evolving.
  • At December’s meeting we have a festive soiree while taking a look back over the years achievements.

Field Trips

Being Irish we just love to socialise at any opportunity. Periodically, as an alternative to the Glasnevin meetings, field trips are arranged. Expeditions are led to Bull Island in Dublin (not actually an island but land-linked sand bar created by none other than Captain Bligh of “Mutiny on the Bounty”!), to the famous “Burren” National Park in County Clare and to the north westerly counties of Sligo and Donegal all of which are all popular annual destinations for us in Ireland. We have also travelled to England to visit nurseries and attend shows and build friendships. We are optimistic we can venture further in the coming years.


The society produces a semi-annual newsletter “Pollinia” which is posted out to members. It contains articles and photos from members on anything orchid related and we ravenously crave more material for publishing! The journal also provides the vital function of keeping people, particularly those unable to attend the monthly meetings, updated on the goings on and forthcoming events. It is available to view online at

We would be delighted to hear from international orchidophiles and do pay us a visit if you are on vacation in Europe’s friendliest city, Dublin.