Choosing an Orchid


Paphiopedilum orchid

 Tips for buying an orchid

  • It is often worth spending extra money on larger mature orchids. These will usually be more tolerant of mistreatment than very young plants and of course flower sooner.
  • When selecting orchids with pseudobulbs; select those having the fattest bulbs because these will be the most vigorous.
  • If buying a Phaelaenopsis in a transparent plastic pot take time to examine the roots to ensure that they are white and healthy ideally having green tips.
  • Avoid plants with yelow spots or streaks on their leaves which could be symtoms of virus disease.
  • Remember orchids just coming into bloom will give you a longer lasting display than those which have been in full bloom.

Choosing an orchid

To choose an orchid for yourself you must obviously consider what environment you can offer in terms of temperature, light, air movement, watering, feeding, humidity and the growing media. Be assured that many orchids are robust and will tolerate less than the optimal conditions described for them.

The most important thing to meditate on is that you are trying to replicate the plants natural habitat so you must gain knowledge of where the orchid grows in the wild. A general guide to these considerations is described below but remember there always exceptions to any rule. The best place to learn is by joining an orchid society such as ours.