An eye-catching, easy growing Laeliocattleya!

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    Back in 1989 I acquired an orchid hybrid with the grandiose name of Laeliocattleya Ballet Folklorico Eloquence from Burnhams, UK who acted as an import agent for Stewarts Nursery in the United States (now defuncted) which had introduced the plant that year. It was and still is the most expensive orchid I have purchased having a price then of £56 sterling (that is about €138 in today’s money!) The plant grew strongly and flowered magnificently for the next four years and was admired at the Belfast autumn fairs where I proudly exhibited it. Sadly, for various reasons I lost the plant and for past 29 years I sought it but to no avail. Then last Christmas, I was stunned to see it listed on the Grobraschener Orchideen, Germany website and for a modest €25. I ordered it immediately and received a large vigorous flowering-sized specimen. I was delighted and now it has kept its promise to bloom and bring back to me so many warm memories (see photo).
    Unusually for a Laeliocattleya it is cool growing (tolerant down to 8C) this being due to Laelia grandiflora in its parentage. As you can see the flowers are huge and a very eye-catching light lilac. A lovely plant suitable for oldies and newcomers alike and currently still available from Grobraschener.

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