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    I hope everyone is safe and well during these testing times.

    Just a quick reminder to all members bark can be purchased from myself at the National Botanic Gardens, Monday-Thursday.

    I have lots of small bags of various grades and larger bales for sale.

    Small Bags €3 each or 4 for €10 or large bales of coir for €40.

    Please contact me direct if you need some bark


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    David Power

    I am having difficulty getting good quality bark as there seems to a lack of selection and I suspect the quality of some of the bank mix is poor is a lot of garden centres. Is it still possible to get bark from you at the Botanics? If so, I will arrange a visit and we can do business.
    I am a new member and growing orchids for only a short time so am unfamiliar with the practicalities of where to source supplies in the Dublin/Leinster region and would welcome other members advice as to the best suppliers of bark and other orchid products.
    David Power
    Co Wicklow


    Hi David

    Please contact me on 087-3683335

    To arrange to get some bark

    Marie Hourigan

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