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Brassia Hybrid Eternal Wind
Brassia Hybrid Eternal Wind

Did you know…

The Brassias are pollinated by spider-hunter wasps, who attack the flowers thinking they are spiders, thereby pollinating the plant.

Brassias (pronounced BRASS-ee-ah) are aptly named “spider orchids” because of their distinctive flower morphology. They are epiphytesA plant which grows perched upon another plant but does not derive its nourishment from it. from tropical Central America which are usually vigorous and will produce large highly fragrant yellow and chocolate coloured flowers on spikes often twice a year. Despite their exotic appearance they are mostly easy to grow particularly their hybrids. Recommended for beginners and sometimes seen for sale in supermarkets.


Intermediate. Night temperatures approximately 12° to 14° C with a daytime rise of about 10° C.


Moderate (bright indirect).


Plentiful during the summer and then reduced in the winter. Avoid spraying water on the leaves as this genus is prone to fungal leaf-spotting.


They produce considerable vegetative growth and so will appreciate more fertiliser than most orchids.

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