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Miltonia (pronounced mil-TOH-nee-a) species are epiphytes A plant which grows perched upon another plant but does not derive its nourishment from it. from South America and are classified as cool and warm growing depending upon whether they originate from mountainous Colombia or tropical Brazil. Miltonias have been extensively hybridised for over a century and so the ones you usually see available for retail are hybrids and are typically cool growers.

Much prized is the “waterfall” pattern on the flower labellum which can also be seen in inter-generic hybrids where Miltonias have been incorporated into the breeding stock such as Vuylstekeara and Burrageara. They are relatively easy to grow but should be repotted annually as they detest sour growing media.


Intermediate to cool. Night temperatures of between 10° and 12°C with a daytime rise of about 10°C.


Moderate (bright indirect)


Average. No rest period during the winter.



Did you know…

Miltonia are known as “Pansy” orchids because of their brightly coloured flat-faced open flowers.

Their flowers are also usually highly scented and last up to six weeks. These are another favourite available in garden centres.


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