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Another genera often seen in shops are the Oncidium hybrids (pronounced on-SID-ee-um). Known as ”dancing doll” orchids they typically produce a multitude of bright yellow and red flowers which on close inspection resemble dancing Swiss ladies.

They are South American epiphytes (a plant which grows perched upon another plant but does not derive its nourishment from it) which are generally easy to grow. However they often grow well for a few years and then the leaves die off leaving the plant looking rather naked. This alarms some growers but seemingly it is part of their natural growth cycle and providing the pseudobulbs remain large they will go on to produce new shoots and flowers for many years to come.


Intermediate to cool. Night temperatures of between 10° and 12°C with a daytime rise of about 10°C.




Average. Avoid leaf spraying as they are prone to fungal leaf spotting.



Did you know…

The Oncidium relative Pyschopsis papillio produces 1.5 metre flower stems at the end of which opens a 15cm blossom that mimics a giant butterfly!

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