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Eszter Bogolin

Hi Lisa!

Apologies for late reply, I think I forgot to turn on the notifications…

Yes, many of the Phalaenopsis species are scented, I got many, but not as big as the Liodoro on the pictures…The complex hybrids everyone can buy in the flower shops usually lost their scent, but there are a few scented one…

Liodoro is a primary hybrid of Phal species, and it has a sweet lemony scent…I have 3 of them, one is not in flower now, the other two are slightly different re colour and strenght of scent.

Parentage of Phalaenopsis Liodoro:Phalaenopsis Deventeriana X Phalaenopsis violacea
(Phalaenopsis Deventeriana: phalaenopsis amabilis x phalaenopsis amboinensis)…though there is a heated discussion on some of the orchid forums that Phal aphrodite was used instead of the amabilis to create the pod parent of Deventeriana…I have no idea to be honest, the end result is really beautiful!

I will post a few pictures of my scented phals later today, just need to find them…