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Eszter Bogolin

Hi Susan!

Are you sure you meant Masd measuresiana?

Any picture I found of it is white/really light pink/ivory, with pink in the middle and some light pink stripes…

It’s actually a hybrid of a red colored seed parent, Masd amabilis and a white colored pollen parent, Masd tovarensis,

I remember seeing red Masdevallias for sale (perhaps Masd coccinea) at the orchid show in 2018, can’t recall one that was shown, but I have been wrong before 🙂

I completely agree with Shane, I’ve read the same advice to keeping Masdies happy…OrchidKarma is another great source of info on Masdevallias, the lady who is writing the blog/owning the website is successfully growing many species and hybrids.

To be completely honest I am also finding them tricky to grow (no matter how much I try and follow all instructions)… You are not alone!!!

For some reason I find Restrepia and Pleurothallis species much easier to grow and flower…

I hope you find a replacement plant soon! Not sure if you will be able to find any for sale in Ireland, might in a private collection…

A few websites carrying Masd measuresiana, Akerne, Wichmann and Kopf Orchideen in the EU are having it for sale…I can only highly recommend the last two, I ordered several times from them and got always high quality plants in great health…I haven’t tried Akerne yet, but only heard great things about them.

Best of luck with the plant hunt!

Kind regards,


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