Welcome to the Irish Orchid Society

David Morse

Hiya (sorry I meant to say G’day:-)) Karla and welcome!,

Well if your Phals grew ok in London they should surely be fine here too. It is difficult to say what the problem might be without examining the plants. The first thing is that Phals like the warmth ideally a minimum of 16 C at night and at least 20 C during the day. It is unlikely to be readjustment to the new environment as 2.5 years is a long time Phals also dislike direct sun but your room sounds fine as the plants are not too close to the window. Importantly, check that the roots are healthy, they should be silvery with green tips. Perhaps the plant needs repotting/larger pot? Also, check that the bark is not rotting (i.e. looking constantly wet).You can get fresh bark from the Irish Orc Soc or from Howbert and Mays garden shops in Dublin. Do not leave the plant sitting a tray of water.
Alas, there are no true orchid vendors in Ireland and we cannot import from the UK due to Brexit so I typically order online from Grobraschener Orchideen (Germany) or Akerne Orchids (Belgium) both of which have a fairly good reputation.There are also many YouTube orchid channels to get advice from…I know “orchidgirl” talks a lot about her phals. Best of luck and hope Ireland is fun!