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Paphiopedilum ‘Angel Hair’ is an orchid hybrid originated by H. Doll in 1991. It is a cross of Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin x Paphiopedilum sanderianum

Paphiopedilum ‘Angel Hair’

This fabulous Paphiopedilum came to the collection as part of the late Mark Garvey’s collection. The label attached was Papiopedilum ‘Angel Hair’ (P. St.Swithin 'Jeanie' AM/AOS x P. sanderianum)

Paphiopedilum sanderianum, common name Sander's Paphiopedilum has a flower Size of 10 cm. It is a medium sized, hot to warm growing, lithophytic species found on south-eastern limestone cliffs in Borneo.

It generally has 4 to 5 glossy green leaves, which can grow anything up to 45cm long and 5cm wide.

The maximum length of the flowering stem is 60cm and produces multi-flowered blooms in the spring, which open simultaneously. The distinguishing feature is the exceptionally long, thin curled petals that measure be 60cm or more.

It will benefit greatly from a large night temperature change on any window sill. It likes a well-drained, neutral compost that’s kept moist.

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin (rothschildianum x philippinense) likes a semi shady aspect with temperatures around 18degC. Kept moist all year round and like Paphiopedilum sanderianum it likes a good nighttime temperature difference. It should produce blooms in the winter into the spring.

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