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a flowering orchid at the Mathers foundation

On a very wet Monday we escaped from the rain to enjoy some less tropical weather in the lecture theatre of the National Botanic Gardens. Deputy Chair David Morse welcomed the 12 members who attended in person and a further four who attended online. 

It was great to see some members return and its certainly nicer now that the evenings are longer. Pat brought in two of his orchids that were needing some attention and advice. A reminder that is you have a troublesome plant, do bring it along for what advice we can offer.

Online Raffle Prizes

The evening began with handing out the prizes for the IOS online Raffle. If you won a prize please contact Marie Hourigan at the NBG (through our WhatsApp group) to arrange collection.

Presentation on Orchid Naming Conventions

David Morse then presented a slide show on the naming conventions of orchids, you can see the presentation in a video below:

Orchid Raffle

As is our usual plan we had an in-person raffle on the night, thank you to Steve Petherbridge for overseeing this and managing the attendance sheet for the night.

There were seven orchids for prizes and we raised €90 

We have purchased more orchids from Secret Garden for raffles and competitions in the next two months.

Up coming IOS events

Stay tuned for the next meeting dates and a special event in June (TBC). Between now and the May meeting we will be away on the UK trip.

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