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Eszter Bogolin

Hi Kimberly!

Welcome in the forum!

I do have the same Vanda as yours and mine came in a plastic basket last year…I decided to use a plastic pot in the summertime because in the extreme hot summer I had to dunk it at least two-three times a day to keep it hydrated…I only have one another Vanda, a little V. coeruela and she is sitting in jam jar in the kitchen… I had again the same problem in the summer, it’s roots started getting dry too fast…
I have both of them since last November, and they seemed to bemore or less happy in my care. I don’t use any humidifier, grow lights, etc, but I do keep one in the kitchen (gets some extra humidity when I cook and I do cook every day) and the other one is living in the bathroom, it is hanging front of my window.
I water them as usual in the autumn/winter, just dunk them for 15-20 minutes in the morning, and check on them again in the afternoon. If the weather is hot I do mist lightly the roots…I have a little routine…Dunk them in the morning when I put the kettle on, and take them out when I finish my coffee…it helps me not to forget to water them 😊…
I have a designated bucket for the V. denisoniana…and she started growing roots all over the stem…the little V.coeruela pushed multiple leafs out at the same time, she looked like a bunny for a while…not sure why they did these, but I was never too concerned about them to bring them in to the monthly discussions…

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