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    David Morse

    Hello everyone, I’m new here! Has anyone got any tips for raising Vandas indoors for the winter? (Other than using humidifiers). I’ve got an Ascocenda sumran beauty very happy (with two gorgeous blooms) in vase with water culture and a rebel Vanda denisoniana who will only live in a basket. This is my first winter with them both and I’m only really concerned about the latter. Any tips? I have artificial light set up but humidity and watering my main concern. Thank you! K


    Good Night To You,just read Your query re Your Vandas.I have presently a deep blue Vanda in flower.It has two flower spikes and then,I have another one which I only noticed Yesterday,has one spike developing. Mine are growing in large bark in see through/transparent, approx 8 inch pots. I will take pictures of them as soon as I can alter size in order to print them. Both mine are located in What I call the glass room.I turn on two small heaters at night but feel presently despite heating,the temperature is too low so I remove them each evening and place them in tv room, close to storage heater. In the morning, I return them to their spot where up ‘til now,they seem to be getting enough sunlight. So far so good, They seem to be responding well. Actually,I was inspecting them this afternoon and misted their aerial roots which became that lovely ‘alive’ green colour.

    Eszter Bogolin

    Hi Kimberly!

    Welcome in the forum!

    I do have the same Vanda as yours and mine came in a plastic basket last year…I decided to use a plastic pot in the summertime because in the extreme hot summer I had to dunk it at least two-three times a day to keep it hydrated…I only have one another Vanda, a little V. coeruela and she is sitting in jam jar in the kitchen… I had again the same problem in the summer, it’s roots started getting dry too fast…
    I have both of them since last November, and they seemed to bemore or less happy in my care. I don’t use any humidifier, grow lights, etc, but I do keep one in the kitchen (gets some extra humidity when I cook and I do cook every day) and the other one is living in the bathroom, it is hanging front of my window.
    I water them as usual in the autumn/winter, just dunk them for 15-20 minutes in the morning, and check on them again in the afternoon. If the weather is hot I do mist lightly the roots…I have a little routine…Dunk them in the morning when I put the kettle on, and take them out when I finish my coffee…it helps me not to forget to water them 😊…
    I have a designated bucket for the V. denisoniana…and she started growing roots all over the stem…the little V.coeruela pushed multiple leafs out at the same time, she looked like a bunny for a while…not sure why they did these, but I was never too concerned about them to bring them in to the monthly discussions…

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    David Morse

    Hi ladies, Thank you for the welcome and the tips! Much appreciated:) Can you suggest a good orchid feed? I plan to attend some events in near future to learn from members but wondering which feed works the best. Happy Holidays and healthy orchids! K

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