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Eszter Bogolin

Hello David!

A fellow Cattleya lover here!!!

Just ordered a book on Classic Cattleyas, written by A.A. Chadwick and his son. They are really famous Cattleya growers in the US…I am growing a good few of them, also Laelias and various hybrids…

Sadly never seen a Cattleya for sale in any of the flower shops I visited, I also do most of my shopping online.

I really like Orchids& more for Cattleya hybrids, but the best Cattleya plants I got from Lucke Orchideen from Germany…

They also have a tendency to put an extra plant in the box, I got a huuuuuge Miltonia before and last time a Dendrobium as gratis…

I got some rare-ish Cattleya dowianas from them for great price, one var aurea and a var rosita…

I hope to see some of your pictures! If you happen to be on Facebook, you can post them as a visitor there pictures without size restrictions.

Happy growing!