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    David Morse

    Hi, I’m a newbie to the Society although not to Orchids. I’ve grown orchids on and off for about 35 years. I’ve had a dedicated orchid house in the past, but now I’m reduced to just indoor cultivation. My question is this; where is the best shop in Dublin to find unusual orchids? Quite often florists stock plants, but most likely they are Phal. Nothing wrong with that, but I love variety.

    So is there a place you’d recommend that seems to have a good supply of “not the usual” types?



    Hi David,

    The best place to buy unusual orchids is at the Orchid Fair, check out our calendar of events for dates and times.

    I recently had a query about buying cymbidiums and referred the person to online shopping it is where most members get there rarities these days.

    It is very hard to source anything other than the usual here in Ireland.

    Marie Hourigan

    Eszter Bogolin

    Hi David!

    Welcome to the Society!

    I found great selection of orchids in bigger garden centres/flower shops, like Urban Plantlife and Johnstown garden centre. It can be a hit or miss, the best is to give them a call…(Spring and summer is the best time to look for orchids there and before Easter and Christmas, Valentine’s day and Mother’s day. The above shops are present on social media, you can see it there when fresh plants are coming in!)
    Interestingly IKEA had amazing selection of orchids in late 2017/early 2018, with Phal type dendrobiums, Nobile type dendrobiums, Miltonias, Cymbidiums, I even found a sorry looking Maxillaria once… sadly these days it doesn’t have such a diverse selection.
    Even Lidl had some nice orchids for Mother’s day (I got an amazing Dendrobium Berry Oda for 13e!)
    Tesco had Miltonias and some intergeneric hybrids (Cambrias) for 5e at Mother’s day…
    Woddies and B&Q has some other-than-phalaenopsis orchids sometimes.

    For special or rare orchids the best would be online shopping… I’ll try to find time and write a little list of the websites I used and recommend…

    Kind regards,


    David Morse

    Hi All, an up date on this. As Eszter said Urban Plant Life on Cork Street Dublin 8 has some alternative orchids from time to time. Mostly Phalaenopsis, but also Miltonias and other orchids mostly hybrids that come from Inca Orchids (see the range here: http://www.inca-orchids.nl/EN/).

    However, these are a few other places in town that you’ll see orchids from time to time including hybrids like Colmanaras

    Diarmuid Gavin’s The Plant Shop on South Great Georges Street, I’ve seen Cymbidiums there and I bought 4 vandas there.

    The Garden Shop in the Powerscourt Town House steps. Colmanara type orchids and others.

    If I find any others I’ll report back.

    But as I’m really interested in Cattleyas I’ll be doing most of my buying online.

    Eszter Bogolin

    Hello David!

    A fellow Cattleya lover here!!!

    Just ordered a book on Classic Cattleyas, written by A.A. Chadwick and his son. They are really famous Cattleya growers in the US…I am growing a good few of them, also Laelias and various hybrids…

    Sadly never seen a Cattleya for sale in any of the flower shops I visited, I also do most of my shopping online.

    I really like Orchids& more for Cattleya hybrids, but the best Cattleya plants I got from Lucke Orchideen from Germany…

    They also have a tendency to put an extra plant in the box, I got a huuuuuge Miltonia before and last time a Dendrobium as gratis…

    I got some rare-ish Cattleya dowianas from them for great price, one var aurea and a var rosita…

    I hope to see some of your pictures! If you happen to be on Facebook, you can post them as a visitor there pictures without size restrictions.

    Happy growing!


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