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    David Morse

    Coelogyne intermedia is a common orchid hybrid seen in collections but whose parentage is shrouded in mystery and controversy even a century after its registration. The current consensus is that it is a rare natural hybrid between Coelogyne cristata and Coelogyne flaccida originating in the eastern sub-Himalayas. It is cool growing, easy, vigorous and will reliably flower each January even if it has undergone the stress of splitting and repotting the previous year (as was the case for the two specimens in my photo).The blooms are sweetly scented and last about a month. A great windowsill plant for beginners! Interestingly, Coelogynes have a reputation as being very slow to revive after repotting however this has not been my experience and I hope to have many Coelogyne cristatas to donate to the society to prove that!

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