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    David Morse

    The sheer diversity of flower forms contained in the orchid family is amazing and this can even be demonstrated within genus Masdevallia. One such highly distinctive species is Masdevallia ayabacana which has iridescent intricately marked dark red flowers with a slightly purple centre and has enormously long sepal tails which extend the flower length to about 16 cm (6 inches) and are produced on stems of about 30 cm (1 foot) extending from the succulent plant leaves. You might therefore think of it as conspicuous, but remarkably it was only discovered in 1978 in the cool high montane forests of Peru.
    I have grown it for 4 years and found it to be very adaptable as a house plant (or in cold greenhouse during summer). I have read that it that although it detests day temperatures above about 22 C it is more heat tolerant than other Masdevallias. However, if you decide to grow it or indeed any Masdevallia always keep the plants fairly shaded otherwise the leaves will yellow and these will not regain their lush green appearance even after transferring to a darker location.
    I attach a photo of M. ayabacana beside the more well known Masdevallia veitchiana which is also from same region of Peru.

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    Andrew McCroskery

    I never realised they had such large flowers. I’d always thought they were quite tiny. Lovely looking plant.

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