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    Dr. John Lindley established this genus of sympodial orchids in 1825. The generic epithet is from the Greek erion meaning wool and refers to the woolly appearance of the flowers and pedicels of some species. There are approximately 400 species in this genus growing in north-eastern India, China, Taiwan, throughout South East Asia, to New Guinea, Thailand, Philippines and northern Australia.

    Eria javanica is the type species for this genus. It has white flowers approximately 1 3.75 cm. It usually flowers in the wild during the months of February, June and September. Sadly the blooms are short-lived, seldom lasting more than a few days.

    Eria javanica is an epiphyte of beaches, mangroves and swamp/lowland forests but can be found at altitudes up to 1200 meters.
    In cultivation it is a warm growing epiphyte that needs a light position.
    Online price around €20

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    David Morse

    What an elegant specimen from a seldom mentioned genus! The most common species in cultivation is probably the cooler growing E. coronaria from the Himalayas (although I have no experience of either of them).


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