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    Eszter Bogolin

    Last night’s meeting named this very orchid a “hard to grow” one…I read it many times over a past couple of years this plant could be challenging to grow and to flower…Now, I do like challenges and when I researched the conditions needed to keep “Nelly” happy it sounded like it’s a match for me!

    It’s is second year with me and it is third time flowering since I brought it home, currently having 5 flower spikes…I loved it so much that I had to buy the “dark red” version as well, and flowering (almost done) with the first spike and growing 3 more…

    I changed them into their new medium (coconut coir) in July and they seem to like it, it was keeping their roots nice and cool…

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    David Morse

    Hi Esther,
    I and many others consider the “Nellys” to be tricky to sustain long-term. Referring to the excellent You Tube channel of “MissOrchidGirl” a grower with a large diverse and superbly healthy orchid collection she has ranked the Nelly as her Number 1 most difficult orchid! So Esther you have to be congratulated. Obviously the specific growing conditions you provide are key! So keep on doing what you are doing!

    Eszter Bogolin

    Hi Shane!
    Yes, I know Danni’s channel. She is in Mediterranean climate, and as far as I understand Cambrias don’t like to be too hot for too long…so might that’s why it’s challenging for her to make them flourish.
    I don’t do anything special for them, they are just growing seemingly by themselves. I hold water back a bit when they are in flower, other than that they are sitting in the north-east facing window…I did changed the bark for coir when I’ve seen them struggling with the heat and seemingly solved the problem… I can’t wait to see how the roots are doing after they finished flowering…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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