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    Hi Folks, I have a Dendrobium which I won in the raffle at the first IOS meeting I ever attended. Over several years it has grown new corms with new leaves. However it has also successively dropped all these leaves and had none for a long time. Recently it has sprouted a new corm from the top of an old one and this now has leaves plus roots. (see photo). I don’t know whether i should cut this off and replant as a new plant, or maybe these roots are air roots. They are all growing down and getting longer by the day! Or should I just leave it as is? Any advice is appreciated.


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    David Morse

    Hiya Raghnall,
    That is a new plantlet called a keiki and is commonly found in Dendrobiums. I would not remove it from the mother plant as it is too small to survive independently and there is insufficient growing season for it to develop further. Better to let it drain the last bit of nutrition from the mother over the autumn/winter and then pot it up separately next spring (April earliest). You could I suppose periodically spray the roots or even wrap a little moss around the roots to help it through the winter.


    Thanks a lot Shane for your reply. I have in fact been spraying the roots when watering the parent! I will wait until April as you suggest for further action.

    Thanks, Raghnall.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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