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Orchid WireOrchid Wire

Orchid wire provides links to a multitude of international orchid websites including nurseries, societies and amateur hobbyists.

Note: It is illegal to import orchids into an EU country from any country outside the EU without accompanying CITES and phytosanitary certificates. The process to obtain CITES endorsement is slow, technical and expensive. No certificates are required for ordering plants into Ireland from other EU countries and many of these nurseries operate online shopping to make it a stress-free experience.

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Burnham's NurseryBurnham’s Nursery

Burnhams is Britain’s most famous orchid nursery. Located in picturesque south Devon in England, it is a family business ran by the Rittershausens since 1950 and now in its third generation.  They “routinely” win Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show and are regular participants at the Spring Orchid Fair in Glasnevin. They have a large selection of orchid species, hybrids and essential sundries to offer.
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Grossraeschener OrchidsGroβräschener Orchids

This is a popular German nursery which offers online shopping to EU customers.
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Species SpecificSpecies-Specific

This is Ireland’s first and only orchid nursery. It provides an online ordering service but does not presently accept visitors.
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British Hardy Orchid Society

If you have an interest in hardy orchids then you may consider joining this society.
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National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, DublinNational Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin

This is where the Irish national collection of orchids is maintained and where the Irish Orchid Society holds its meetings.
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Online Internet Orchid Encyclopaedia

This site provides an unrivalled reference to thousands of orchid species and gives an invaluable guide to their cultivation.
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Butterfield’s Pleiones

Ian Butterfield is perhaps the most internationally respected Pleione hybridiser and is holder of the UK national collection. Bulb lists are available from him at Yaffles, Harvest Hill, Bourne End, Bucks, SL8 5JJ, England. Ph (44) (0)1628 525455. No website is currently available.

Irish Wild flowers

An online illustrated A-Z guide of Irish wildflowers including orchids with many beautiful photographs

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The Burren

Learn about and perhaps visit the Burren which is one of Europe’s most atmospheric and prolific wild orchid regions located in County Clare in the tranquil west of Ireland. www.burrenbeo.com and www.burrennationalpark.ie

Northern Ireland Orchid Society

For those of you in the north of Ireland you may be interested in joining our fellow enthusiasts in the Northern Ireland Orchid Society. Meetings are held at 8pm on the second Wednesday of each month except June, July, August and December in the Cregagh Library, Belfast. Secretary: Mrs. Elizabeth Steele, contact 028 91450 6344.

Heritage Orchids

Maren Talbot specialises in growing hardy orchids at her Buckinghamshire nursery in the UK. Maren as well as being a prominent member of the British Hardy Orchid Society is also a member of the Irish Orchid Society and has attended several society events here in Ireland. She provides a helpful friendly service!

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Neutrog FertisilserNeutrog Fertlisers Ireland

Neutrog is an Australian organic fertiliser company which has recently set up a manufacturing plant in Ireland. Neutrog Ireland provides a variety of slow-release pellet fertiliser products most of which are derived from composted chicken manure blended with seaweed both of Irish origin. One of their products named “Strike Back” is recommended for orchids and endorsed by several Australian Cymbidium orchid societies.

Email: info@neutrog.ie
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Orchid Links - Especially for Amy!

Amy's 9th grade project for Ms. Henderson in North Carolina, USA suggested this lovely website for us which contains photos of a variety of orchids.

Thank you Amy from everyone in the Irish Orchid Society!

Recommended orchid booksRecommended Orchid Books

There are countless books on all aspects of orchids, here we list just a few. We suggest you visit www.amazon.co.uk to see which are currently the most recommended.

Orchids: A Practical Guide to Care and Cultivation (2008) Mike Tibbs, publisher New Holland.

Orchids for Dummies (2005) Steven A. Frowine, publisher John Wiley and Sons.

Growing Orchids - Successful Gardening Indoors and Out: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Practical Gardening Guide (2004) Brian and Wilma Rittershausen, publisher Southwater.

Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World’s most Exotic Plants (2005) William Cullina, publisher Houghton Mifflin.

Irelands Wild Orchids (2008) Brendan Sayers and Susan Sex, publisher Nicholson and Bass (can be purchased from www.orchidireland.ie and at the Glasnevin Botanical Gardens, Dublin).

Orchid Fever (2001) Eric Hanson, publisher Methuen Publishing Ltd.

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Visit to the Botanic Gardens and see their wonderful orchid collection.

There are Free Guided Tours of the gardens every Sunday at 12.00 pm and 2.30 pm

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